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All that the ocean does for us

Story by GRID-Arendal February 11th, 2016

How do we describe — and measure — everything the ocean does for us? This was a key question at the the third annual Mapping Ocean Wealth project meeting that GRID-Arendal recently attended in Miami, Florida.

One of the primary goals of Mapping Ocean Wealth is to calculate and describe - in quantitative and spatial terms - all that the ocean does for us to support smart investments and decision-making.

The meeting engaged project staff, partners and supporters in a highly interactive workshop so they could:

1) Understand and celebrate accomplishments in science, communications and policy application,

2) Exchange ideas and improve our understanding of how policy, cooperative engagement and communication strategies support conservation decisions at the local, regional and global scales, and

3) Develop new partnerships and collaboration that improve their products, and encourage uptake and application of our results.

Many of the products being developed by Mapping Ocean Wealth, such as maps depicting the global distribution of benefits that humans derive from fish production in mangrove habitats, will be of great use to GRID’s future marine work.

GRID was invited to attend the Mapping Ocean Wealth Annual meeting to provide expert advice around blue carbon and ecosystem services, as well as to contribute to the discussion around how to best communicate the results from the project.

Want to learn more about the project? These infographics are a great place to start!


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Footnote: Header Photo & Infographics Credits: GRID-Arendal
Grid-Arendal, Teaterplassen, Arendal, Norway